​Tarantula is a fantastic, incredible and very exciting play system.  

It is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and enhances any play space with colourful giant arches. This unit is ideal for schools, crèches, shopping malls and housing estates as it entertains more kids at the same time than conventional jungle gyms.​


The spherical design has no platforms or straight lines and provides a completely new playground experience for kids of all ages. TARANTULA is guaranteed to stop kids in their tracks. Where should they begin? With no prescribed entry or exit points, TARANTULA leaves play routes to the imagination. It offers more physical and mental challenges than traditional play structures.

It promotes upper body strength, gross motor skills and balance as well as building social skills. It encourages children to problem-solve and also improves eye-hand and eye-foot coordination. Many schools are now including Tarantula play as part of kids daily activities to assist especially children with ADD and ADHD. Kids continuously balance and counter-balance themselves against the forces of gravity, engaging their upper bodies and core muscles. ​

TARANTULA consists of four giant arches, a tyre tunnel in the centre, which causes kids to say “HOW DO I DO THIS”, the twisty monkey bars of ascending and descending loops that keeps them thinking of new ways to climb and the giant spider web which allows movement from one side to the other without ever touching the ground.

The Tarantula is manufactured from 101mm mild steel tubing. It is one of the strongest and most durable play systems currently available and will last substantially longer than any other play system. Tarantula also accommodates more children per square metre than any other playground system.

Tarantula’s base footprint is 6 m x 6m and the various attachments are approximately 4m on each side, which makes it ideal for housing estates, schools, zoo’s, municipal parks and shopping complexes.

Designed with not only play in mind, Tarantula  assists in improving basic motor skills, building of upper and lower body muscles, improving balance; hand-eye co-ordination; as well as developing the necessary social skills needed. Climbing assists children with problem solving; as well as challenges them to improve their memory due to the need to remember certain grips and the location of certain hand and foot holds. It is an excellent tool for teaching spatial awareness.

The Tarantula complies with the SABS standards as listed in SANS 5117, parts 1 - 7, parts 10 - 11, as well as SANS 51177. Each Tarantula installation has a steel sign erected on sight, giving guidelines for safe use as well as the appropriate age groups which should be using the equipment.

We list a few of our previous customers who have installed Tarantula Play systems:

Selborne Primary, Clarendon Primary, Crewe Primary, President Primary, The Beacon Gated Community, Buffalo City Municipality Public Parks, Brits Mall Shopping Centre, St Stithians College, Johannesburg.

Please bear in mind when it comes to budgeting for new equipment, quite a few of the school's in the East London area have used their Lotto money allocations to install their Tarantulas under the new fitness equipment bylaw. Lotto will fund the Tarantula as it doubles up as fitness equipment.


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Rustics Tarantula Play System

Straight monkey bars on the Rustics Tarantula Play System